So I Hear The Devil Wears Designer Clothing…

Yeay Fall’s finally upon us! Which means the return of leggings, booties, oversized-comfy sweaters,…..and Spring/Summer Fashion Week? Wait. What?

That’s right my fellow Fashionistas! Its that time of year again. Confusing as it well may be to the untrained eye, it is the start of a new year for fashion and fashion trends! As a very wise woman once said “September is the January of fashion“! Confusingly enough, just because it’s “fall” doesn’t mean designers are just rolling out their fall collections now. That would be a horrible move and not to to mention practically calling for disaster to strike! Oh No! Designers are Always a “season” or two a head of the weather, ma cheri. 
Think about it for a minute, if you are a designer and need clothes for fall/winter, and every piece of clothing, accessory, and shoe takes ‘X’ amount of time to make, would you have it so your entire fall/winter collection hits runways September 1st?! I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “Oh Hell No!” So this is why the Fashion World has the “Spring/Summer” Fashion Week in February and the “Spring/Summer” in September. See! There is a method for the madness after all!
Since we’re now on possibly the same page (or at least the same chapter), let’s see what the wonderfully creative industry has for the Spring/Summer of 2015……hopefully it’s not just *gasp* florals!

Boss Womenswear: Texture Messages
This Female-side of Hugo Boss, even though they had an interesting season last year, kicked this year off Right on track! With designer Jason Wu’s collection being a hit, Boss Womenswear is stern, streamlined but appealing. Simple dresses with crisp geometric patterns only to be accented with gladiator flats. Boss’ main part of the collection was the versitality of a crisp white shirt, along with similar idea in different forms with decorative skirts in lacy, crunch textures or metallic shimmer.


Michael Kors: A Sporty Take on Romanticism
Linking the Prim Fifties with the Swimming Sixties, Kors has really created an UpBeat line for the 2015 S/S. He is most successful in taking sportswear and mixing it with streamlined pieces reserved for high romanticism. Airy in texture but dense in decoration. Trust me, this looks promising! If you don’t believe me then listen to the designer when he says “[it’s like] Paris in the Fifties”. Even the blazers and tailored jackets had a romanticized flare to it!


Oscar Says it With Florals
That’s right, I said it. “Florals”. Who in their right mind is going to tell Oscar, The Oscar de la Renta “no”? Right again! No one that’s who! As cliché as it seems, if done right there’s always something new and/or different with florals in S/S at Fashion Week. De la Renta’s twist was azalea-pink checks &  gingham style – get this – on streamlined dresses; lace puffing out as a short skirt. Skirts that would able for you to look fabulous taking longer strides, or dodging that run-away-taxi while crossing the street. (Oh, don’t act like its never happened to you!) According to Vogue, there were even fur coats, light as air, printed with flower patterns. One of this designer’s greatest skills are creating femininity without making it silly or, in this season’s case, a cliché!


In other news Gilmore Girls is rumored to be coming to Netflix!!!

Until next time….

Laters, Fashionistas xoxo

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