London’s Calling

Big Things are happening across The Pond -no, I’m not talking about Kate’s baby news, though we’re probably as excited as Prince George…
I’m referring to London’s Fashion Week. You had your usualBurberry, Tom Ford, and All Things Mochi. From Friday, September 12th till Tuesday, September 16th is when our wonderful Brit designers showcased their Spring/Summer 2015 lines. Here’s a few of what they have in store for us…

Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend
From the ever-expanding global empire of Topshop Unique, we were shown sporty bomber jackets and T-shirts, no doubt intended for a walk home at sunrise after a night of partying, and bags & totes that are to carry a change of flats and clothes for work the next day. Topshop does not take itself too seriously, and this line was intended for more of a Brighton Beach or a seaside resort scene than busy city-sidewalks, this designer did a Fab job of creating fun fashion for a discerning mass market.


Vivienne Wesrwood’s ready wear Red Label is puts a quirky twist on the “basic” pants suit. It’s more a femme-fatale meets Napoleonic-punk-rock.


Layers, Fashionistas


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