Vendi, Vivi, Vici

Caio Fashionistas!
Come va le cose? Hope you’re all having a wonderful time following our seductively exquisite Italian designers during Milan’s Fashion Week!
The colors! The Romance! La Bella Vita!

Everybody Love Pucci
This season’s show was all about the “happy-hippy”, maxi-dresses, & plunging necklines with embroidered flowers, tassels, and psychedelic shades – but it just depends on what kind of Seventies spirit you are.




La Dolce vita!
It could just the History-Freak in me but it appears that this magnificent Duo struck Gold again! This time citing the Spanish influence on Sicily between 1516 & 1713. This tag-team’s line expresses their heartfelt, ode to Sicily, ode to Italy. With a Spanish theme and a color palette centred around black, white and red. There are lots of lace dresses, embroidered and floral adornments – it’s hard not to like this Dolce Vita dream!




Oh, Mommy, it’s Armani!
This line seems to be Hevesy influenced on a Grecian-Hellenistic-Roman concept but for the modern woman – or perhaps Aphrodite emerging from the sea…? This Woman captures the glamour of the designer a long with his inspiration for this season – the sea, the sand and the landscapes they shape. Concepts such as fringes trailed from long skirts to reincarnate fish tails, pleated trousers looking like sand ripples like when the tide comes in, or dresses that riffed on jellyfish proportions, shapes and movement.




I’m a Moschino girl in a Barbie world

In his second season as the captain of Moschino, Jeremy Scott shows no signs of toning it down. Why should he? No, it’s not another fast-food influence but something more near & dear to all of our inner-child; Barbie!
That’s right! Not only did Aqua’s memorable tune sound off through out the show but real- life Barbie dolls strolled the catwalk, every one styled in curled blonde wig. Just like the Barbies we grew up with in our youths, Moschino’s line was as versatile and varied as the inspiration. With ‘Business Woman Barbie’ in a sparkling pink skirt suit; ‘Roller Skating Barbie’ on white roller skates; ‘Work Out Barbie’ dressed in a pink tracksuit carrying hand weights; ‘Cowgirl Barbie’ in sequined blue jeans, boots and knotted shirt; even ‘Boarding a Plane Barbie’ complete with carry-on luggage; the list goes on and on. We can only wait in anticipation as to what will be the next influence to this creative genius!




Fino alla prossima volta!
Buonasera, Fashionistas


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