Yo Ho Ho: 5 Style Lessons from Captain Jack Sparrow

Oh, what’s in a name? Jack Sparrow –
Sorry. Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow. You may know him by name, sight, or story but on the surface it is Jack’s fashion sense, like his approach to everything in life which we are to look to for, wait for it….guidance?

So how can a look of a little haphazard and thoughtless go so far as to be iconic?
On closer examination though, it becomes very clear that Jack knows exactly what he’s doing, and there are quite a few things we can gleam from his personal style.


5) Own Every Room You Walk Into
Savviness also applies to style as well, shockingly as it may be. Like a sense of humor or a decent personality, dav vines isn’t something you can buy, but it is something you can make for yourself.

IMG_6734.JPGLet your personality speak for yourself, your clothes will as well…Even if it’s by sinking boat or crashing through a window, you know when Captain Jack Sparrow has arrived, so why shouldn’t you have the same effect?

4) Embrace Layers
Jack layers an outfit; Scarves, belts, waist coats, boots… the list goes on; a variety that adds enough contrast and texture that keeps his outfits just as interesting as he is. Though, the billowy blouse and sword holster are definitely optional.

3) Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorized
For one of our favorite pirates “the less is more” rule doesn’t really apply to Jack – especially when it comes to his accessories- because really, is less more?
Even if it’s trinkets in his hair or even a red bandana, it’s all about how many more things he can add to his outfit. The key to making it “work” is the meaning behind each accessory.

IMG_6738.GIF Having a story behind the accessories you wear makes them a personalized addition to your ensemble. So as what Jack says “treasure isn’t just silver and gold, Mate”

2) Focus On The Details
On a closer examination of Jack’s outfit, you might notice much detail each piece of clothing has. If it’s some intricate embroidery or belt buckles having unique shapes, it’s the thoughtfulness and appreciation of design that we can all incorporate in our own clothes.

1) Oh, Yeah. Confidence Is Key.
Let’s be honest, hall we? You have to have a certain kind of confidence to pull off a look, especially one like Jack’s. It is with out a doubt not only a task but a necessity to have an unwavering sense of self confidence, but it is even harder to do it with ease. Even with the uncertainty that looms over the horizon Jack Sparrow sails ahead, ready to take on whatever the world throws at him.

IMG_6739.JPGThe next time you’re doubting if you can pull of that jumpsuit, or change your hairstyle, just remember to believe in yourself. Your confidence can take an outfit from just okay to totally amazing….just don’t do that socks and saddle combo. That never works.
Like Ever.

Laters, Fashionistas


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