Literary Wives: Wife 22

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

I didn’t read Wife 22 (2012) by Melanie Gideon.  I tried.  I did.  But I couldn’t get past the first chapter.

I also spent this weekend taking comprehensive exams for my Ph.D. program, which I’m finishing up this morning, so if that works as an excuse for today’s lack of a post, there it is.  I’ve got until 11 a.m. this morning to turn in both of the essays I’ve been working on this weekend to prove that I know my breadth and depth in the field of professional and technical communication.

Wife 22 cover

But don’t let my lack of enthusiasm for this book prevent you from joining the conversation with the other hosts of the Literary Wives series.  In this series, we read books with the word “wife” in the title and ask the following questions.

1. What does this book say about wives or about the experience of being…

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