Keeping It Off

Sass & Balderdash

As of October 2014, it’s been two years since I lost 120 pounds. In case you’re just tuning in, I lost weight from August 2011 to October 2012.

There are articles out there that suggest once you’ve been significantly overweight, even if you lose a substantial amount of weight, it’s nearly impossible to keep it off. Apparently there’s research and science behind it, and I’m sure if you’re looking for a reason to give up on your latest diet, you’ll Google that article, cancel your gym membership, and whip out your bag of despair Doritos because why not? You’re doomed.

I hate about 90% of what I read about losing weight. I hate these inspirational people who talk about eating kale like it was religious experience. I hate reading about all these bizarre diets, cleanses, and teatoxes. I hate seeing “after” pictures of people who lost hundreds of pounds, yet miraculously have not one…

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