Au revoir, mon Cher

To some, fashion is just about pretty clothes; but to those who live and breathe it….they know it’s far more than that. They’ve not just inspired us with their creations but also with their words of wisdom.
In sad news, on Monday, October 20, 2014, we lost a fashion icon, a true gentleman, and “The King of Evening”.
Oscar de la Renta away at the age of 82 after his 8 year battle with cancer. De la Renta was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 which has not stopped his work or creativity.

His decades of work and inspiration all started with a little boy born in the Dominican Republic in 1932. After studying painting in Madrid, de la Renta worked under Balenciaga, Lanvin and Balmain all before launching his New-York-based line in 1965. Dressing a wide range of individuals from queens and princesses like Princess Diana, First-Ladies like Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama, to celebrities and even us mere mortals – yes, this means those of us who search the *gasp* sales racks.

In a recent interview, de la Renta said that “Age is in your mind. My passion, my spirit, my joy in life remains.” What also remains from this talented genius of textiles are some pearls of wisdom as well.



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