The NEW Perfect Bra and other things I bought today…

Just Breathing...

I am a woman of many facets – and sizes!

Yes, it’s true.  I am not just a size 2, or 12, or 18…..  Okay, honestly there is nothing on me that is a size 2 but you get the idea.  I am full of curves and a size that fits above the waist does not necessarily fit below.  I think I’ve posted before about finding a great bra that I thought was perfect.  It fit around as well as in front.  It’s very hard to find a bra that fits me both around and in cup size.  Apparently any woman who has a large rib cage who also does not have a size D or better cup is lacking somehow.

Well, said lavender bra turned out not to be so great.  It bunched up in a weird way on the sides due to where it rested on my torso…

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