Daylight saving time and Mondays.

Bananawolf's Blog


A penguin, in a trench coat, flashing the masses.

Minutes, hours, zooming by.

A dietary disaster. Tomorrow… tomorrow…. I will start tomorrow.

Who is licking her balls?

Nobody quit.  No calls to the pastor.

Trying to print: What does no paper mean? Uhmm,  you are out of paper?

Whose cookies were better?  The fluffy ones or the small burnt ones?

Who won 30 grand at the casino?

Is something wrong, Wolf? Why so quiet?  Shut up, E, B, C and P.

Never poke the early bear.

The mouse is still in the house. Are you sure those are sprinkles you are putting on your ice cream?

A pound of butter? Really?  In those cookies? Let’s melt them down and grab a lobster.

Why so tired?  We gained an hour of sleep.  Why?  Why?  Who really wants daylight saving time?

Give me the best date you can for my order to…

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