Daylight Savings is the Worst

Give Me Strength

Before I had kids, this was my reaction when I realized I got to set my clocks back and gain an hour of sleep:


Of course, back then I wasn’t really in need of an extra hour of sleep because I could sleep whenever I wanted – provided it wasn’t at work.  Fast forward a few years and this is now my reaction to daylight savings:


Seriously, a glass case of emotion, people!  And not just me, it’s my kids who are all jacked up on emotions too.

Remember before the kids when you heard about these mythical things known as ‘routines’ and ‘sleep schedules?’  Well it turns out, they are very real and not in the least bit mythical.  I’m not trying to harp on the before kids and after kids subject, but there are some significant changes and while the vast majority are positive, there is no such…

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