Chocolate Desserts that Improve Your Memory?? Wait, what?!

That’s right! You heard me. There are some chocolate desserts that some studies have shown that improve your memory.

IMG_5937.GIFAccording to “Nature Neuroscience” an antioxidant found in chocolate could greatly improve memory skills. The best catch? Get this; that in order for the health benefits to kick in, you’d have to eat a “large amount” of dark chocolate.

Right?! Well here are a few of these “healthy” desserts which our friends over at Grub Street helped put together:
Chocolate Pudding, Pretzel Tuile
Where: Bar Bolonat
Price: $11
Don’t miss Einat Admony’s excellent desserts: The milky chocolate one’s delightful, as is the Moroccan-tea gelato with walnut-pistachio baklava.

Chocolate Mousse
Where: Buvette
Price: $8
No meal at Buvette is complete without the restaurant’s famed chocolate mousse, made only with five ingredients: bittersweet chocolate, butter, egg whites, salt, and sugar. (Oh, and an optional dollop of whipped cream.)

Black Forest
Where: Bâtard
Price: Part of a prix fixe starting at two courses for $55
This rich, luxurious dessert combines chocolate sablé, kirsch-chantilly cream, and bing cherries.

Oh yeah…and don’t forget the Warm Chocolate Budino
Where: Charlie Bird
Price: $12
There’s a reason why this dessert hasn’t left Ryan Hardy’s menu since Charlie Bird opened: He mixes chocolate with olive-oil gelato and — brilliantly — caramelized Rice Krispies. That’s tight Caramelized.

You’re Welcome.

Happy Memory Improvement Folks!


Laters Fashionistas,


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