Books You Need to Read This Month

New Year New You, Right? Well here are some Highly recommended books from our friends at Vanity Fair…

  1. Michael Mewshaw humanizes his old pal Gore Vidal in Sympathy for the Devil, revealing that the imperious dark prince of postwar American letters was also a deeply depressed alcoholic who suffered from bouts of kindness and charity. 
  2. Megan Mayhew Bergman’s fearless stories star an eccentric cavalcade of Almost Famous Women, including Oscar Wilde’s niece and Lord Byron’s illegitimate daughter.
  3. Tim Johnston’s high-wire literary thriller, Descent  will leave you gasping.
  4. Female friendship and modern motherhood take a beating in Harriet Lane’s revenge novel Her 
  5. Nina Edwards parades the W.W.I-era uniforms, civvies, and trappings of Americans Dressed for War
  6. Nazila Fathi is at the front lines of The Lonely War for women’s rights in Iran.
  7. Don’t forget Priya Parmar’s Vanessa and Her Siste, about the legendary Bloomsbury gang.

Check them out and more recommendations at Vanity Fair’s Website. Let me know which ones you think are just Fab!

Laters, Fashionistas



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