Workshop: Of Lice and Men, from Antiquity to Early Modern Times

The Healing Treasure

Hortus_Sanitatis._Wellcome_M0011710Detail from Hortus sanitatis, 1499. Wellcome Images.

The conference “Poux, puces et punaises : la vermine de l’homme. Découverte, description et traitements. Antiquité, Moyen Âge, Temps modernes (Of lice and men from Antiquity to Early Modern Times), to take place in Paris, Saint-Quentin en Yvelines and Nanterre on March 11th-13th 2015, intends to focus on the consequences of human parasites in every-day life, from Ancient Egypt to the XVIIth century..Combining the fields of ancient, medieval and early modern literature, medical thought and practice and iconography, the workshop will confront sources, from the first clear identification proposed by Aristotle (Hist Anim. 5, 25) to modern science and medicine, not forgetting the image of persons affected with parasites in Western art, especially paintings.
All relevant information concerning this conference can be found here.

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