#ItsPersonal – Futuristic Disney Movies; A Princess with a Mobile Phone?

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Fairy tales; love them or hate them, but you just CANNOT ignore them! Don’t they take us to this absolutely breath-taking world, where everything is just magical and perfect? The glitter, the flowers, the stunning pieces of outfits and of course the enchanting Prince Charming?

But fairy tales are now so old-school right? No first dates, no movies or dinner; just love at first sight. How would our beloved fairy-tales be with an inclusion of this booming world of technology? Have you ever considered that? What if these beautiful princesses had mobile phones? Super cool right!

My mind just went in a whirlwind; what if Disney stories get a complete revamp, when true love stories are collaborated with technology? And I am definitely providing Disney with futuristic movie ideas! 😀


#1 Cinderella:

Oh C’mon Cinderella, you have to go to the ball! No new clothes? What if instead of…

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