7 Reasons People Who Drink Wine Are The Happiest People To Be Around

Thought Catalog


1. Wine people know how to celebrate the little things in life. There’s nothing healthier or happier than having gratitude and knowing that even an everyday dinner with friends can be cause for a mini-indulgence in a nice bottle. Wine turns a regular meal into something to cherish, it is a way to cultivate an attitude of loving life.

2. Wine lovers know how to savor. Savoring is the act of slowing down and enjoying what is right in front of you. It is mono-tasking and enjoying a meal instead of half-eating, half-listening, and half-checking-Facebook-on-your-phone.

3. Wine is best enjoyed in the company of loved ones. Wine drinkers know how to love and be loved. They know life is best (and happiest) when it’s experienced together.

4. Wine lovers can turn a regular night into a cherished memory. People who love wine know how to make an ordinary night…

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